Tongoro Fashion brand is the brain-child of Sara Diouf, a Paris-born and Cote D’Ivoire-raised magazine editor, stylist, and entrepreneur, who believes that African fashion industry, needs to be innovative in developing a unique business model which would be stylistic, affordable yet distinctly and unashamedly African. This can be seen from her famous quote, “African Fashion is the fresh air everyone wants to breathe, but not everyone is ready to spend too much on – yet”.

All you need to know about Tongoro fashion brand

Tongoro is a 100% made-in-Africa label, providing clothing that offers style-conscious consumers quality, variety, and convenience at affordable prices. It is an African brand that dresses globally, and will hopefully help the ‘Made in Africa’ label to become a gage of quality whose name resonates with imagery that tells a story about the African Dream. The brand focuses on understanding the fashion customers want, offering playful and unique apparel by sourcing their materials on the continent, and working with local tailors. Through this, the long-term goal of contributing to the development of retail production in western Africa with their first atelier in Dakar, Senegal would be achieved.

However, in her effort to elevate the African womenfolk and fashion, Sarah launched her Made-In-Africa brand, Tongoro in 2016 which according to her is poised to highlight the best of modern African fashion for an affordable price moving from flirty off-the-shoulder tops to fringe skirts and a handbag (inspired by a French baguette) created in the most memorable prints. In describing the aesthetic nature of Tongoro, Sarah maintained that prints are the key element that is graphic and bold, with each piece making their own statement without having to add much.

More so, Tongoro is a translation of rhythm and easy into cloths using silhouettes and wardrobe concepts such as seaside life, music, and traveling with the intended girl for the fashion feeling like she can shop a 3600 closet in one place. Because the Tongoro girl is one of a kind, an adventurer, feminine, playful, full of character as well as never afraid of trying new things, Sarah believes that she needs to buy African designs without minding the statement pieces yet focusing on something to be worn on daily basis, affordable and easily accessible.

Latest news about the Tongoro brand

The latest publication on the brand was on May 14, 2020, where Sarah Diouf shared an intimate look into the journey of her celebrated Senegalese fashion label, ‘Tongoro’. It was a documentary with the title, The Documentary Fashion Girls Are Buzzing About Tongoro ‘Made in Africa’ where Sarah in celebrating her brand’s 4th anniversary gave an insight into the journey of Tongoro, an African digital native brand based in Dakar, Senegal, to promote local craftsmanship across the continent. She did this through a 30-minute video documentary Made-in-Africa maintaining that the success of her brand is not tied to her personal achievement but in her dream to help transform Africa’s design clothing industry as a whole. So, it is worthy of note to state that since its launch in 2016, the Tongoro fashion brand has been sported by international stars ranging from Beyonce, Burna Boy, Iman, to mention a few.

Sarah Diouf through her Tangoro fashion brand makes a case for respecting tradition and acknowledging the contributions of African made-clothing to the global fashion landscape.