Luxury is usually defined by style symbols, craftsmanship, etc. However, the word changes its meaning with country and culture. This changing concept is relevant in Africa due to its vast diversity of socio-cultural, historical, economic, and social contexts.

Luxury markets in Africa

With the population becoming wealthier, an interest for finer as well as luxurious products has developed among the Africans. This has been noticed by the international luxury brands which realized there’s a potential for the luxury market in Africa.

Africa had witnessed a strong and healthy economic growth during the start of 21st century itself. Sub-Saharan Africa has the fastest developing economy second only to Asia-Pacific. The reasons are progressing demography, an increase in the young population, an increase in wealth, financial independence, and urbanization.

In the case of luxury goods consumption, Africa stands second. The luxury markets of sub-Saharan Africa will see a 5% growth in the next 5 years.

Here we list some African countries which are a hub of luxury goods and fashion.

South Africa: About 60% of Africa’s millionaires are in South Africa. According to statistics, there will be an increase in South African households with disposable incomes above $100,000. 

Morocco: Morocco can be called the hub of directly operated luxury stores in Africa. Almost 86% of the direct luxury stores are in Morocco.

Nigeria: Life of people working in the oil and gas sector is booming. It is also one of the biggest champagne markets in the world.

African Fashion in the Luxury Market

Companies all over the world have taken advantage of African traditions as inspiration for their products. African traditions and symbolism can be seen in almost every luxurious fashion product. 

However, now Africans have taken their designs to the market. Their own designers are on the way to provide authentic African fashion products. The designers are also planning luxury fashion products that involve expensive raw materials. 

Africa and luxury is a perfect mic because of the emerging new concepts of luxury. It is not just about exclusiveness or rarity. People, especially the new generation, are appreciating objects made by effort and handworks. Africa is exceptional in handwork.

African fabrics have also gotten international attention. Some of the innovative designs of these fabrics have become trendsetters.  Some famous African fabrics include Capulana, Kinta, Saso Dan Fani, etc. These fabrics can be considered as some of the high-end fashion statements of Africa.

Thanks to the internet and social media, luxury products coming from South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, or Ethiopia are introduced and received internationally. This allows the local shops to showcase their creativity. 


Even though there are unique styles and a variety of designs, the smaller shops that showcase their originality are not getting much attention. Even if they receive the attention, they cannot go into a large scale production as of now. 

However, the market for luxury fashion in Africa is bound to grow in the next few years. This will definitely set new standards for authentic African fashion.