We might be wondering why most people especially foreigners always fall in love with African prints when shown to them. Even when the African wear is worn once in a while, they still secure a soft spot in people’s hearts. The reasons why African fashion is loved includes:

They are Unique 

Most of the fabric used is not what you find every day on the streets. They have their uniqueness and falls among products that are produced in limited quantities. It is only in Africa that you would see one fabric with more than three colors and still looks beautiful. Fabrics like that can always be worn with any color at all when styled. Who wouldn’t love something unique? 

They are Bright, Bold and Beautiful 

Africans are always different when it comes to styling. Most times African designers draw their style inspiration out of nothing and it ends up being very beautiful. For instance, you could see a cloth designed to look like a butterfly or as a flower, only an African designer can come up with that. With African prints, you can either wear the complete African outfit or you decide to add a signature piece into your boring black dress to make it stand out but whatever it is the result is always amazing. They also come in a variety of colors that match your personality and skin tone and sometimes we fall in love with these colors. 

They are always Ready to Wear 

Once you have a faithful and good designer who makes your dress and gives them to you as at when due. You don’t have a problem because you can just throw them on despite the occasion you are attending and they still look good on you. Whether it’s a wedding, a dinner date or a meeting, it has never looked wrong wearing African fashion and one thing about it is that they can be styled in many forms. Either as corporate wear, event wear or casual wear, however, it is they are good to go once you throw a heel on. 

They are Easy to Put Together 

It takes little or nothing to sew the prints together and come up with good stuff. Once you are a designer who knows the job, within a twinkle of an eye you will be done. Some clothes can be created under 20 minutes and still don’t go wrong. The amazing part is that they have no rules, you can inculcate as many styles as your fashion statement allows. All you simply have to do is to know your job as a stylist and you are good to go. 

African Designers are Creative 

It is only in African fashion that you will see a dress made out of cups or plantain leaves. African designers can create styles out of things that are called useless. For instance, a well-known designer in Nigeria, Tiannah’s Empire also known as Toyin Lawani made three dresses out of cups, paper, and leaves for her 35th birthday. This can only be pulled by an African designer. 

African fashion has started trending and has started giving people every reason it should be loved. Unlike before, they now look more beautiful and come out in better designs which makes them stand out.